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The Faith Between Us: A Jew and a Catholic Search for the Meaning of G-d

Fringesters: Short but delightfully packed interview up on Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again (my blog) that I conducted with Scott Korb and Peter Bebergal, authors of The Faith Between Us, A Jew and a Catholic Search for the Meaning of G-d. Beautiful read, wonderful guys. Show some love: Meet Korb and Berbergal, check out the interview, [...]

Coming now for a JBC near you.

It’s no secret that I wasn’t born Jewish. Despite what the books said about not talking about conversion on the internet, I blogged my whole conversion. I’ve written about it here, on Shebrew, and in PresenTense Magazine.
In fact my last article in PresenTense was about the growing Jew By Choice Blogosphere and what a relief [...]

Parshat Lech-Lecha

Parshat Ha’azinu

L’Shana Tova & Shabbat Shalom

JTA “gets” it

Like Adam wrote on Monday, for nearly five years Daniel Sieradski, aka Mobius, has been the editor-in-chief of Jewschool. Jewschool is a popular, multi-author blog and Daniel is a prolific blogger. Today he announced that he’s leaving Jewschool and he’ll rarely be blogging on his personal blog because he’s been hired at the Director of [...]

Mobius quits Jewschool

Founder and publisher of Jewschool Dan “Mobius” Sieradski is leaving the groundbreaking net zine/group blog he founded five years ago to lead JTA’s New Media department. He announced it on his Orthodox Anarchist blog. Mobius is one of the Jewish blogosphere’s more notable and in the opinion of some, notorious personalities. Whatever you [...]

Now on facebook, myspace, youtube, etc

Jewishfringe is now on facebook, myspace, del.ici.ous, technorati, and youtube.
Actually, we have been for some time now… I just never publicized it.
So if you come across us, please, friend us, comment spam us and do your thang.

Moshav HaAm Facelift

The good folks at Moshav Ham have created something rather cool using a blend of rss feeds and good design.  I admire their whole gestalt (or the fact that they even have one) and flattered they felt we’re cool enough to include in their collection of Maggidic (Maggidut?) voices.
When I look at that, compared with [...]

Professional Opinion

Adam asked me to give my professional opinion about the updated JUF site.  Let me say that I am a donor to JUF and traveled to Israel with them last year. 
1.  RSS:  This is a huge leap forward for any website and I’m thrilled to see the JUF using it.  RSS is to the new [...]

New JUF site ‘blog-ish’ has a redesign.  A bit sterile, but hey, it has RSS feeds and a new calendar function.  JUF News editor Aaron Cohen even has a blog, The Heart of the Matter.
But uh, where’s the comments section? Is someone shy about feedback?  It sorta looks like a cleaned up version of the last [...]

JewishFringe Seeking Contributors

“I love being Jewy/I am the Jewish hub of my circle.” “I am not a technophobe/can handle posting on a blog”  “I have something to say about the state of Jewiness and can clearly communicate in writing.”
If this is you, and you can committ to three posts a month, wants you to join our [...]

Ben’s Jewish Meetup Site

It ain’t pretty to look at, but our friend Ben has put together a page that lists alot of events of interest to our readers, so I’m getting the word out.  You can find it here.

Parsha Tzav

“Bring out the priests!” Hashem has established herself in her new earthly home. She’s placed her meal orders and now explains when and how her food will be acquired, which involves a bit of humiliation from Moses brother, the High Priest. She seems to simultanoously elevate and insult Aaron and his sons. But at least [...]

Underground X-Orthodox: Chulent

Last September on a trip to NY, it was suggested I stop into a midnight gathering at the shabby, rundown Millinary Shul on 38th and 6th in Midtown. Mindblowing. I was not dissappointed. Jenn Bleyer (x-Heeb Mag Editor) covered the scene for The New York Times a few [...]

שְׁמִטָּה (Shmita)

Ah, lovely, lovely shmita. I’ve been waiting for you and now that you are here, I’m reveling in the stress relief you bring, the change of perspective you offer and the savings in electricity from turning off my computer.
In case you don’t know (I didn’t before I wikipediaed it), shmita is the Hebrew term [...]

Reader Gaga for Guth A Go Go

JewishFringe contributor Amy Guth was pimped out proper in the Reader’s Fall Book Guide for her book Three Fallen Women in this week’s edition. They really gush. Its so timely because I just met Amy face to face for the firt time the other night with Leahj.
At readings, she says, “I have a [...]

New Year, New Bloggers

Its been so busy over the Holidays that I’ve neglected some introductions. Joining our JewishFringe team rcently are:
BigMouthIndeed is Amy Guth, author, blogger and Jewess.

HildieCohen is heads up a new Jewish environmental initiative in Chicago called Teva.

AaronFreeman is that voice you hear on NPR, formerly of WBEZ’s Metropolis, star of stage, screen and the [...]

Is Black Face Funny?

On my home blog, Accidentally Jewish, I blogged about Fake Jew.  Fake Jew got a job at a Jewish Magazine in New York. He lied during the interview, got the job, and now has to pass as a Jew.  He’s keeping an online chronicle of his adventures and I asked myself last night, “Is this [...]

A little introduction.

Shalom Fringe! It’s me. Amy Guth to most, Shifreh to the Tribe. I’m new to JewishFringe, beside myself with excitement to be here and looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Let’s see, okay… I keep a daily blah blah sort of blog at Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again, and recently [...]

Jewhad! Tell Iran What You Think

NPR today reported that President Mahmud Ahmanedinejahadineminejad of Iran has launched a multi-lingual blog.
Good. Let’s tell him what we think of his Hizbollah-antics, his virulent anti-Semitism and threats to wipe Israel and its inhabitants off the map. Shouldn’t be hard to flood his inbox and comment section with a pretty heavy dose of [...]