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“Video Jew”

Jewish Journal’s “Video Jew” Jay Firestone brings us his video journalism about elections in addition to his thoughts on meatball-schwarma subs and, uh, mah-jong. Enjoy.


( humor )

A little somethin’ for the impending Hanukah festival.  Okay, its silly, but it at least has good production value.
Jon Fursh was born and raised in Bay Shore, New York. For nine years, he attended Solomon Schechter, a private Jewish academy based in Commack, New York. While making yearly summer visits to family in Israel with [...]

Parshot V’Zot Haberecha/Bereshit

Needles in the Idaho Haystacks…

Seriously, Idaho?  Chabad slichim must be running up against some saturation point or something…

Jew music on craigslist

You have to laugh, not at the sincereity, but at the contrast of these two musos looking to jam.  Like two Jews stranded together on an island, they can’t settle on Minhag and build three shuls…. Not like there are a ton of folks looking to make Jew music on Craigslit… One wanting to avoid [...]

Swine Spill in Skokie

( News and humor )

Say waat you will about keeping kosher, this is just gross!

“Soooooooeeeeeeee! In quite possibly one of the most disgusting truck spills in recent memory, the northbound Edens was shut down for seven hours after a truck tipped over, spilling out pig ears, pig feet, and grease across the highway. Ironically, the spill happened near the [...]

Parsha Balak

This is a parsha of contradictions. Balak, king of Moab, fears the Egyptian Hebrews and seeks help from the powerful prophet, Balaam. YHWH goes back and forth as to whether or not Balaam can go to Moab. He finally goes and (according to some rabbis) tries to curse the Hebrews, but is only able to [...]

I need more Yiddish Cowbell…

( humor )

From our friend Mark Skier… “Ich hob veiter a epes cowbell shtickel..”  This is one of my favorite SNL sketches, and its almost as funny…

Parsha Korach

We’re in Israel for part 2 of the Israeli/Palestinian Comedy Tour! This has been a whirlwind. With show locations ranging from Haifa to Be’er Sheva, including Ra’anana, Tel Aviv, the Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem and on and on. The show was nicely blogged on Jewschool. We also made TWO trips to fabulous West Bank city of [...]

Parsha Naso

YHWH demands that women suspected of adultery be brought before Her. It’s surprising, since last week’s parsha condemned any non-priest approaching YHWH to death. We have a theory of what was up. Practically speaking, we imagine the woman standing in the courtyard before the curtain of the Tent of the meeting. YHWH would dwell behind [...]

Nazi in Chicago,

( Food and humor )

Soup Nazi, that is.  I’m not sure how this is relevant, but maybe the man made famous by Seinfeld is coming to town.  Tug of tzitzis to gapersblock

Parsha Bamidbar

This week, YHWH (which we’re told can be pronounced, “Yoo Hoo Woo Hoo”) and her band of Hebrew homies begin their adventures “In the Wilderness.” Despite being about the business of raising an army, the parsha itself is REALLY DRY. You can see why it’s called the book of “Numbers.” They might also call it, [...]

Nebbisher Rav

( humor )

from The Forverts, a billboard on the Lower East Side of Gadol Woody Allen, compliments of American Apparrel.  Yiddish reads, The Holy Rebbe…

The Comic Passover

Ki Tisa

This week Moses’ relationship with his girlfriend G*d settles in to become downright domestic. After the golden calf unpleasantness She virtually disowns the Hebrews. But then, because Moses has her number, she relents and agrees not only to let the Hebrews live but also to accompany them to Canaan. Finally, as an extra treat just [...]

Cholent Vending Machine

( humor )

Happy Purim….

Paraha Mishpatim

We spent this week in Phoenix as Aaron guest hosted the Mike Malloy show on the new NovaM Radio Network.
This week’s portion, Moses and 70 elders of Israel have lunch with their god, YHWH, and we see, once again, that Moses is G!d’s favorite Hebrew.
Meanwhile, in heaven, we peek in on a Torah study session [...]

Lincoln Park Chad is Bad

The Lincoln Park Chad Society does a fine job ribbing its own Gap Khakis wearing image, and I laugh at their Stella quaffing, alternapeople gawking, Trixie-chading escapades. Except when they go and say something stupid like this:
“Every afternoon, while their husbands are out being Jewish and trading money, the Highland Park mom brings [...]

Hulk Hogan Not So Kosher

Samaych forwarded this to me. Not sure what its from or how fresh it is, but its amusing…

WPvideo 1.02


Parsha Vayigash – The Big Flip

Turning tables
We begin with Judah pleading that Joseph take him into slavery in the place of his younger brother Benjamin. Joseph is moved. Then like Martin Landau in the old Mission Impossible TV series, Joseph finally ends the cruel deceptions and reveals his true identity to his stunned brothers. All 70 members of daddy Jacob’s [...]