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CHI to tax bottled water

Chicago has some of the best tap water around. I’ve always used tap water expect when I’m on the go and a fountain is nowhere is site. Only then have I had tap water. I really bought into Evian being spelled correctly backwords, and having been in the beverage business for a [...]

Tu b’Shonda

Leave it to Jews on both sides of the political debate to make a mess of things on the New Year of the Trees. ShamirPower of Jewschool offers some nice productive ways to plant trees this year in an environmentally sustainable way.
Meanwhile two groups in the West Bank are truly making a mess of [...]

Don’t Hug Trees on Tu BShvat

In this weather, you might just freeze to it, and that’s not fun.  Just our little Pikuach Nefesh intervention.
But instead stay inside and have a Tu Bshvat seder to celebrate the New Year of the Trees…

Green Shul

( Media and environment )

Sorry to Chicagoist and JTA- We scooped ya on JRC’s new “Green Synagogue” back in August.  Still, its gonna be a beauty, and its good news that’s worth repeating.  So here’s Chicagoist’s take and here’s JTA.  Original tug of the tzitzis to CJN.Technorati Tags: synagogue green environment JRC reconstructionist chicagoist evanston chicago brant [...]

New Chicago Eco-Jews Group

Teva (not related to the national Teva group) is a new eco-Jews group that’s been started by a couple Temple Sholom folks. Its about friggin’ time. Doing it during Sukkot would have of course been better, but I”m glad its at last getting started.

From Hildie Cohen-

The Teva meeting is coming up! We have [...]

Thinking about Sukkot…

Shopping at a Judaica shop last week, I will admit to being unnerved by the amount of plastic, printed and manufactured options available for this mitzvot of Sukkot. I kept asking myself why applying technology and material advancement to a sukkah would be unnerving, whereas when applied to, say, medicine, it’s not only reasonable but [...]

Zoo Rabbi Tour (Slifkin)

Once again, we learned too late about a great program (THE ASBI announcement went out Monday a 4:53 for a program Tuesday at 10am, wha?) for a Lincoln Park Zoo tour with Rabbi Natan Slifkin, the famed ZooRabbi on a tour of the Lincoln Park Zoo.  don’t know who put it together a little more [...]

New Mishkan for JRC

Evanston’s Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation (JRC) is rebuilding their whole building, and kol hakavod! Its gonna be a “green” shul and got a grant to make it a more energy-efficient house of worship.  Pretty cool in a sort of modernist take on the Prarie school, and pretty coo in terms of treading lightly on this [...]

Treehuggin’ Jews

Can someone please explain why Chicago, the whose motto is “Urbis in Horto” (City in a Garden) we don’t have a Jewish Environmental initiative?  If anyone is interested in getting their green thumbs out of their @#$% please get in touch with

Saturday in the Park with Jews!

Once more, with feeling!!!
No agenda, No dues, just Jews! Its…
Saturday in the Park with Jews!

Saturday June 24th, around 4pm
Barry and Lake Shore Drive West at the Park
2blks south of Belmont, 2blks north of Diversey. map it!
Everyone. Young/old, single/coupled, observant/otherwise. Its casual.
Its the park- its free.
Bring whatever you need to [...]

Mitzuit burns it up

Rabbi Menachem Cohen, of the Mitziut community in E. Rogers Park, is off to Burning Man this coming week for this year’s incarnation of Congregation B’nai Hamidbar…. Thisyear the “Sistahood” of Menachem, Jay Michaelson and Sarah Lefton returns as the Black Rock JCC. Yes, even at [...]