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ESTA (Israel) show in Chicago 5/16

Dror Yikra
Black Sheep
ESTA is a multi-ethnic band with innovative compositions and imaginative arrangements – deeply rooted in Israel’s diverse traditions. Esta’s band members are all first generation Israelis, raised on their parents’ musical heritage from Bulgaria, Iraq, Poland, Iran, Romania, Syria, Russia, and Turkey. Inspired also by the 1970s progressive rock, Esta’s [...]

Rock Atzmaut @ Subterranean on Monday night

Etz Chaim Hi
Lecha Dodi
Bein Mayim L’Yayin
Rock out on Israeli Independence Day with an All Ages show featuring Heedoosh, whose visceral sound is akin to shoving your soul into an electric socket.
“Embracing styles from hard rock grunge to sensually melodic ballads, Heedoosh sonically traverses a brooding, middle eastern fusion with Hebrew lyrics that [...]

Mimaamakim: Call for Submissions

From the good folk at Mimaamakim Journal:We’re thrilled to annouce our seventh annual submissions call!! Please send us your poetry, prose, artwork, and essays.
DEADLINE: MAY 1st.  If you have submitted during our sabbatical year, you don’t need to resubmit. Just drop us an email saying you’re still interested in having your work considered.  Here’s the [...]

The Comic Passover

Parsha Tzav

“Bring out the priests!” Hashem has established herself in her new earthly home. She’s placed her meal orders and now explains when and how her food will be acquired, which involves a bit of humiliation from Moses brother, the High Priest. She seems to simultanoously elevate and insult Aaron and his sons. But at least [...]

Parsha Vayak’hel-Pekudei

This week’s parsha is a double portion that finishes the book of Exodus (Shemot.) Most of it tells the story Bezalel and Oholiab, the two Hebrews in charge of building the tabernacle (Mishkan.) We read of all the ritual objects created for the Mishkan and of the structure itself, which was the early model for [...]

Ki Tisa

This week Moses’ relationship with his girlfriend G*d settles in to become downright domestic. After the golden calf unpleasantness She virtually disowns the Hebrews. But then, because Moses has her number, she relents and agrees not only to let the Hebrews live but also to accompany them to Canaan. Finally, as an extra treat just [...]

Parsha Tetzeveh

This week both YHWH and Versace are thinking priestly fashion. Moses and YHWH are still huddled within the cloud-topped Mount Sinai. Having spent last week laying out in precise detail, the structure She wants built, now She is waxing very specific about the attire of the cult priests who will supervise the bloody sacrifices She [...]

Paraha Mishpatim

We spent this week in Phoenix as Aaron guest hosted the Mike Malloy show on the new NovaM Radio Network.
This week’s portion, Moses and 70 elders of Israel have lunch with their god, YHWH, and we see, once again, that Moses is G!d’s favorite Hebrew.
Meanwhile, in heaven, we peek in on a Torah study session [...]

Klezmatics win Grammy

Mazel Tov to the Klezmatics for winning a Grammy Award for the best Album in Contemporary World Music.

Matisyahu gets Pitchforked

The self-proclaimed Hasidic Reggae Superstar got his big media break on Jimmy Kimmel live a couple years back. Many people caught his more recent performance on the show last month and have acknowledged it as AWFUL. But some of us have been saying that for some time. Many people I’ve talked to who’s [...]

Parsha Yitro

We’re back from Israel for a short week of comic creation. Almost over jet lag but the grand adventure of the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour was more than worth it.
This week all of Israel hears G@d deliver the Ten Commandments… sort of. There are lots of midrashim about what actually happened when big momma herself delivered [...]

Andy Statman @ Martyrs

Neo-hassidish Klezmer genius Andy Statman will play a show Monday night, February 5, at Martyrs.  Its a rare Chicago performance but the sometimes klez sometime bluegrass player will be backed by a bluegrass trio so its unclear if he’ll be playing msuic from the Mountains or Moldavia…  Still should be interesting.
Post No Bills writes it [...]

Peter Himmelman @ Abbey Pub

The posterboy for 80’s Twin City Rock makes an appearance at the Abbey Pub Tuesday evening to sing, chat about Jewish life, his kids and hopefully improvise some songs on the spot.  How you spell sweetwheat?  Sponosred by Nextbook.
Before Husker Du and The Replacements made Minneapolis synonymous with 80’s rock, singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman was fronting [...]

Parsha Beshalach

Shalom, one mo time, from Israel! Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour is an off the charts success! Check out the latest here. You can also peruse the video blog. One of the truly grand things about Judaism is its insistence on gratitude. Observant Jews are required to thank YHWH 100 times a day. If this [...]

Reader Reems Idan Raichel

Israeli world fusion composer and performers Idan Raichel, a chart topper and the love child of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for demonstrating the country’s diversity, performs an all ages show at House of Blues this Tuesday evening.
The Consulate has been pushing it (as it does with all Teev Events… hmmm) like it is the [...]

Israeli Movies @ Sundance

JTA reports that two Israeli films, Adama Meshuggat and Hot House have won the World Cinema and Special Jury prizes acccordingly. The first is about a young boy’s life on a Kibbutz, the other about how the Israeli prisons have impacted the lives, and motivations, of their Palestinian prisoners. Wow, the Zionist dream [...]

LeeVees: Guster Goes Hanakuostic

Check. It. Out.

Click the poster for info, mp3’s and tickets!

Knishmas 06: Harmonicas 4 Hanukah

KFAR’s annual alternative to the xmas alternatives returns with a stellar lineup (if I do say so myself) at the Subterranean
in Wicker Park. Shtreiml comes to town with their Blues Traveler-tinged/Jam band take on Klezmer, plus rapper Kosha Dillz and classic rockers Moshe Skier Band. Beats the pants off of crowding into [...]

60th Annual Latke vs. Hamentash

Its the original.  U of C.  Mandel Hall.  Tonight.
Tuesday, Novermber 21st, 7:30pm
Mandel Hall (Reynolds Club)
5706 S. University Ave., Hyde Park (Chicago)
Professor Elliot Gershon, Professor Yitzhak Melamed, and Dean Alison
Boden will consider the perennially vexing question of whether the
latke or the hamantash is the most superior Jewish holiday food. This
year marks the 60th time that some [...]