Conversations, Connections & Culture is KFAR's monthly "salon" where people passionate about Jewish culture gather to socialize, discuss issues and share interests in Jewish arts and culture. Its also a 'hands-on' forum to channel our passion and shape the future of Jewish culture scene in Chicago. Participation is purposely limited and the monthly gatherings will each last about 1 1/2 hours, consisting of: 1. Schmooze and News - Social time followed by a KFAR update, Jewish Arts news in town and nationally. 2. Show and Tell- 1-2 participants shares a cultural topic with a moderated group discussion 3. Hands-On - Ideation and planning for shaping the Jewish arts scene locally 4. Ears, Cheers, Beer - Listening party and libations (aka PBR and Playlist) It might sound formal, but it really will be quite casual. Unlike KFAR's public presentations, this focuses on participants more than performer, and we're excited about the possibilities...  Libations and snacks will be provided, as will detailed directions for those RSVP'ing in the positive. Hope to see you there! RSVP to or do it on facebook.