Aharit Areut Yehuda Ein Yeush Yerushalayim Lo Lefached Aharit HaYamim is an Israeli reggae and world-beat sensation whose groove is rooted in love of Zion they share with their Rastafarian brethren. They proclaim love for "Yerushalayim" and "Holy Mount Zion" in tight harmonies layered over thumping basslines. Their music has attracted mixed multitude of followers, comprised of rastafarians, jam band fans, Phisheads, dissillusioned children of Oslo and Haredi Hilltop youth. "Aharit Hayamim is here to wake you up and spread the message of unity, love and Israel,” says the band. Wearing brightly colored, home-sewn, hemp clothing with tzitzit, Aharit HaYamim delivers a heady musical mix perfect for party people or spiritual seekers. "Lush instruments flow through the songs with clarinets, flutes, mandolins and more exotic instruments making appearances... Jamaican icon Bob Marley’s musical and philosophical themes also show up in the band’s repertoire – albeit with a Jewish twist." Israel National Radio