Ehad Elokeinu Merciful One “World Fusion Beat Scientists” Zohar are led by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Erran Baron Cohen, whose credits also include the popular Borat movie sountrack, which starred his brother Sacha. ZOHAR weave together the beats and textures of modern club culture with hareem, hip-hop, electronica, dub and future grooves. It is a deconstruction of past, present and future, spanning Jewish Cantors, Arab Muezzins, Byzantine chants, meets today’s modern jazz and experimental musicians. Their approach is resolutely experimental and uncompromising with an instinctive feel for lush cinematic arrangements and intelligent melodies. Their acclaimed debut, One.Three.Seven. was produced by Miles Copeland’s Ark 21 label.

Please Note: HotHouse is closing its Balbo location at the end of July.  This event will NOT be effected by this unfortunate turn of events.  Join us on one of that last concerts to be held at this venue!